DREAMLAND, a story. The first 26 minutes​.​.​.​.​.

by Jennifer Maidman

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Recorded largely at Dreamland studio in Woodstock, in Upstate New York's Catskill Mountains, this is my first solo record. It's been a long ime coming. Completing this record, with these people, has been for me literally a dream come true. The album is about dreams (surprise!), synchronicity, life, death and what lies between and beyond; it's about holding on and letting go, about love, loss, longing, and the hunger for meaning and true connection in an apparently random and capricious world. It's kind of a story, but it sets out in many different directions and , as a friend of mine says, " life is a journey with multiple destinations". The album features my dear partner and collaborator for three decades, the wonderful Annie Whitehead on trombone and horn , my old ffriend from David Sylvian Praise of Shamans days, the incredible David Torn on electric guitars and loops, and the awesome Jerry Marotta on drums and percussion. There's guest appearances from friends old and new, Mitt Gamon, Sam Brown, Paul Brady, Robert Wyatt, Dakota Lane, Sally Ann Triplett, Gary Dyson and Phil Saatchi. From the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra, my chums Steve Fletcher, Helen Liebman, Geoffrey Richardson, Peter McGowan and Liam Genockey. The full 79 minute album is scheduled hopefullly for release on CD (limited edition with copious artwork by Lucinda Abra and Dakota Lane), and high quality download in early 2017. Meanwhile enjoy this 26 minute taster of the first five tracks. Welcome to Dreamland.....

(I gather Bandcamp streams in 128K MP3.It's not bad, though obviously doesn't have the full super duper hi-di-fi effect. You can get a high quality download too though)

Watch Dakota Lane's 28 minute documentary about me and the band, about life,about transgender stuff, and the making of the record here: youtu.be/PANuMXh_Xtk


released November 17, 2016


Jennifer Maidman: voice,guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, ukulele, percussion.
Jerry Marotta: drums and percussion
David Torn: electric guitar, loops and effects
Annie Whitehead: trombone, baritone horn, spoken word.

Paul Brady: whistle
Sam Brown: vocal
Gary Dyson: vocal
Steve Fletcher: piano, vocal
Mitt Gamon: harmonica
Liam Genockey : percussion
Dakota Lane: spoken word, and dialogue editor
Helen Liebman: cello
Peter McGowan: violin
Geoffrey Richardson: viola
Phil Saatchi: vocal
Sally Ann Triplett: vocal
Robert Wyatt: trumpet, Wyatron

Engineered by Matthew Cullen, Adam Armstrong and Mike Thorne. Mixed by Matthew and Jennifer.

Artwork Lucinda Abra and Dakota Lane

Produced by Jennifer

All songs and music Copyright Control

Studios: Dreamland and Jersville, Woodstock NY, and the Cabin and Rimshot , Kent UK. Original backing vocals recorded at the Wipsy House London



all rights reserved


Jennifer Maidman Woodstock, New York

Jennifer has played with artists as diverse as David Sylvian, Paul Brady, Boy George and Penguin Cafe Orchestra.She is a member of Orchestra That Fell to Earth & plays with Annie Whitehead, SoupSongs, Robert Wyatt, Murray Head,, Kokomo, Terry Reid & Penny Rimbaud,
Recent releases include Paul Brady's 'Vicar Street Sessions' on which Jennifer plays with Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, & Mark Knopfler.
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Track Name: Outside the Window
Outside the window the Winter was wild
Hid under the blankets a troubled young child
With a heart full of questions, a need to belong
Asking is it the inside or outside that's wrong?
In her heart lived songs that could never be sung
Dreams over before they'd begun
Born such a long way from her home
As she lay there alone she would pray for release
She would dream of a place where we're free to be
Where her soul would find peace
So she sent up a prayer, if there's anyone there
Let this struggle be over and done
And we'll dance and we'll play in the sun
Mind body and spirit as one
Track Name: Red Heart
These crazy, crazy times make for a crazy state of mind
I'm just a mass of twisted emotions
Since I gave up looking for the perfect day,
The safety zone, the easy way
I offer danger , not devotion
Red Heart, - I've got a red heart
Do you wanna feel the heat inside of this red heart?
Red Heart - I've got a red heart
Do you wanna feel the beat inside of this red heart?

Sometimes I want to run away, and turn this flesh back into clay
The Dance will save my soul - from an early grave
Now I'm melting with desire so don't pour cold water on this fire
'Cos I need to feel - the power of the wave


Well I'm full love and I'm full of pain
The passion scalds like burning rain
Full of fire and full of ice
I lock up tight like a metal vice
Full of hope and full of fears
They drown my life in a sea of tears
Full of me and full of you
I wanna touch your red heart too...


Red Heart
Burning up
Do you wanna feel the heat?
Track Name: This Man is Dangerous
I had a dream about a lonely boy,
waiting in the shadows of a life
He walks alone, through the safety of the crowd,
sharpening the anger like a knife
He never cried, the day they closed the door
Somewhere inside, I know there must be more
Still mystified - is there a way to remember?

This man is dangerous you can see it in his eyes
Touch his tender heart feel his temper start to rise
Caught in the shadow of a man you'll never be
Running from a face without a name
Looking for someone to take the blame

Inside the house, a world within a world
The eyes that never saw the light of day
Sacrificed it all to be his Father's son
And watched the moonlight slowly fade away

He never heard the voice behind the door
A single word of the world that came before
The image blurred - is there a way to remember?

This man is dangerous I can see it in his eyes
Touch his tender heart feel his temper start to rise
Chasing the shadow of a man he'll never be
Running from a face without a name
Looking for someone to take the blame

To take the blame

He packs away the pain and walks the city streets,
waiting for his moment to arrive
Behind a wall, the devil sits alone
Praying that the lovers will survive

She never cried as love was torn apart
Swept aside by an unforgiving heart
The beauty died -
Is there a way to remember?

To find a face to fit the name

Don't let the moonlight fade away
Cos I need it here today
Don't let the moonlight fade away
It don't have to be that way
We don't know where we're going
But we need the moonlight, to show us the way
Born too late - such desperate times - we cling to love
Strain to catch the unseen voice - precious words
And it's dangerous to your heart
You gotta hear that voice
Hear that voice
Hear that voice inside - t might have something to say.....
Track Name: The Letting Go
All the Mothers and the Fathers, the Sisters and the priests
Well they've all got my number - it's the number of the beast
But their devils chill my spirit
I'm shivering with cold
Am I becoming bitter?
Maybe I'm just growing old?
Growing old...

(The Letting Go)

So I try to spit the poison out
I want to exorcise the ghost
I want to stay with you forever
In this cottage by the coast

And we'll walk down down to the water
We'll laugh, we'll shout and we'll run
'Cos my heart is like a picture of everything we've done.
Of everything we've done

(The Letting go)

Sometimes we reap a bitter harvest
Sometimes freedom's filled with pain
Sometimes I wonder will these battered hearts
Will they ever love again

Then suddenly a signpost
Oh it's written much too clear
Behind the madness and all the morals
It's just the Letting Go we fear

The Letting Go
It's the Letting Go
The Letting Go we fear
Behind the madness and all the morals
It's just the Letting Go we fear

So let's walk down to the water
And we'll laugh and we'll shout and we'll run
'Cos my heart is like a picture of everything we've done


It's the Letting Go , the Letting Go we fear
I'm gonna whisper in your ear
It's the Letting Go we fear